Factors to Consider When Enrolling Your Child in a Preschool

Joining a preschool is a different experience for children. While some love to attend daily, some may create hassles for various reasons. They might feel insecure or do not want to miss their mom. A preschool that you choose should be capable enough to make your child fall in love with it. It should be welcoming, safe, and match the learning standards as per the pacing times.

You must have done intense research about private preschools near me and listed out the best possible options. But when it comes to making a final decision about your child’s preschool, you would want better clarity. Here are the factors to consider while admitting your child to a preschool.


Any preschool from the final list of private preschools near me should have a pleasant ambiance. Your child should feel like going to school with joy. This stage of joining a preschool can be a testing one both for a parent and a child. Hence, the school atmosphere should be so that it is friendly, hygienic, and lively enough for your child to forget that he is away from home.


Preschools are best chosen near to homes. This would prevent unwanted commutes for the young ones. It also allows parents to pick and drop easily or visit the school as and when they would like to.


The preschool campus should be child-safe and adhere to child safety guidelines. Besides, it has to be wide enough to draw in better ventilation and fresh air. The security setup should be stringent enough to make sure that you are leaving your child in a safe preschool. The campus should have active surveillance that monitors the safety of children. You could also check if parents can avail of the remote surveillance features as many prominent schools offer this feature.

Teachers and helping staff

The faculty and the helping staff should be friendly and caring. Check with the management of all the teachers who are trained in child psychology and teaching methodologies. Similarly, ensure that the helping staff is friendly and caring enough to make your child feel at home.

Parental involvement

A good preschool should allow parents for a visit to the campus at any time. Similarly, it encourages and conducts events involving parents and their participation. The ideas, opinions, and suggestions of the parents are considered and implemented in preschools that care and respect for parents. Check what privileges the school is providing to you as a parent.


Preschools do not need to adhere to state rules when it comes to curriculum. Thus, every preschool has its curriculum and style of teaching. For instance, some preschools may opt for Montessori while others may choose the Waldorf teaching style. Alongside, the subjects and the concepts covered may vary too. Hence, before admitting your child to a preschool gain clarity about the teaching methodology, the school follows.

Extra-curricular activities

Kids need physical activities and mentally engaging activities that nourish their little minds. Drawing, arts, martial arts, dance classes, sports, swimming, music, and hobby classes can fulfill their sensual and cognitive learning requirements. Preschools that offer such an umbrella of learning activities will make your child want to go to school every day.

Meals and snacks

Premium playschools offer hygienic food and meals cooked in-house while Some preschools offer snacks for kids. They adhere to the nutritionist’s guidance and ensure your child gets nutritious meals. Preschools with such amenities collect the food preferences and dietary restrictions for your child ahead. Hence, don’t miss to enquire if the preschool you are choosing for your child has such provisions.


Seek recommendations from your neighbors or friends about the best preschools. Nothing can be more relief giving to learn from the experiences of happy parents, especially when you are sending your little kid to school for the first time.


Preschools are the stepping stones to your child’s future. Doing research about them and clarifying your concerns and queries will give you peace of mind that you have chosen the best school for your child. Make sure you check all the aspects mentioned above before you finally decide on the preschool for your child.

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